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Come learn to Sew in a fun lighthearted  environment with a small class and lot's of individual attention! Classes are self paced and held on Wednesdays from 7-9. Demonstrations will be held each week, then you can work on your own project or sew along with the tutorial. Sewing novices and enthusiasts welcome to come learn in the sewing lounge and to enjoy the camaraderie! Classes are pay as you go.


Group (2 hour) Classes: Wednesday 7-9 $20

Adult (2 hour) Private Classes: $20

Kids Private or group (1 hour) classes: $20



Students will need to bring:

Sewing Machine





Items Provided

Ironing Boards / Irons

Cutting Board

Rotary Cutter

Rulers/ Chalk


Patterns from Demos

Scraps of Fabric


Please Contact About

A limited number of machines will be available if you do not own a machine.

Fabric bundles can be purchased as well.


Outfits pictured below were sewn by the instructor.


 tie 2  brinn dress 2 


Q: I've never sewn before, will I be able to join this class?

A: Absolutely! Each class will have a demonstration as listed in the class calendar. You may sew along with the demonstration, or work on your own projects.

Q: I've inherited my grandmothers sewing machine. Will I be able to use it?

A: If it's in working order, then yes! If you are unsure, then bring it by before the class starts and we'll take a look at it.

Q: I want to buy a sewing machine, which one should I buy?

A: A simple machine will do everything a fancy machine will do! If you're just starting out, a $100 machine will be perfect.

Q: I've been sewing for a long time, is this group still a good fit?

A: Of course! This class is for beginners as well as the advanced student. Sometimes it's more fun to sew in a group!