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Music Teachers


Jay Ybarra


Haleigh Hafely


Jay Ybarra

Jay Ybarra is an accomplished musician and artist. He has played guitar with his sons in his band Jando througout the greater Houston area and for private events for the past ten years. He has taught music to all ages and to those of all experience levels for several years. His strengths come in teaching students  reading, technique, cordination, and theory. Students will learn not just how to play music, but will understand it as well. 



Haleigh  Hafely

Haleigh Hafely has always had a passion for music, and has been studying piano for over fourteen years. She has competed in various competitions events such as Texas Federation of Music Clubs Gold Cup, Texas Music Teachers Association piano ensemble, Royal School of Music, and more. She has obtained a piano scholarship from  The University of St. Thomas, where she will pursue her undergraduate degree in music. 





Art Teachers 

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 Jay Ybarra

Jay Ybarra is a gifted artist and enjoys painting the beauty he finds in the animals around him. After a year of painting, he and his partner Rachel Cox, decided to open the studio and gallery they now own. He offers several adult and kids group art classes as well as private lessons. Students will learn fine art technique in a way that they find fulfilling. He has been painting for the past two years and has already had his art hung in several galleries nation wide as well as in private collections.


Rachel Cox

Rachel Cox has been dabbling in the arts since she was a young girl of 7 painting along with tv artist Bob Ross at her grandmothers house every Saturday morning. After going to college for her small business degree, she and her partner Jay Ybarra decided to venture into opening a place where artists and those who want to learn can all come together in the greater Bay Area. She offers both private and group art lessons and specializes in assisting those with all forms of autism find artistic expression. 


Pam Hatch 

Pam Hatch has been painting since she was a young girl. She sold her first painting at 16 and is now a renowned local artist who paints beautiful landscape and scenery paintings often with a spiritual quality. Her work can be seen hanging in several local galleries and private collections. Pam hosts a group art class every Tuesday morning at ten am.