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12-1 Drawing Plus Ages 8-18 $15

2:30-4 Sewing Ages 8-18 $20

4-5 Drawing Plus Ages 11-16 $15

5-6 Drawing Plus Ages 6-10 $15

6:30-7:30 Drawing Plus Ages 11-16 $15



4:30- 5:30 Drawing Plus Ages 8-13 $15

5:30-6:30 Drawing Only Ages 11-16 $10



12:30-1:30 Artism Ages 10-16 $20

1:30-2:30 Homeschool Drawing Ages 6-15 $10

6-7 Drawing Plus Ages 8-15 $15



Fiction Writing: Kids are encouraged to think outside the box! They will be given a story starter and will be asked to write a short story in 30 minutes. The remainder of class we will go over their stories and kids can give good critiques on their own and others stories. (This class is new for 2018 and will evolve as we grow!) Kids bring their laptop , writing pad on an iPad, or pen and paper!  $10 Contact us about a time slot today!

Sewing: Kids will learn the basics of machine sewing! Each week they will work on a new project with instruction or be given the opportunity to work on something they really want to make. All materials are provided for this 1.5 hour class. Some projects make take more than one week to complete. Kids are welcome to bring their own machine or use one of ours.  $20

Drawing Plus: In a Drawing Plus class, kids are taught the basics of drawing. Kids are encouraged to draw subjects that they enjoy. We have found that the best way for a child to learn is by encouraging them to draw things they are interested in. As they progress, they learn basic art skills that will help in all areas of art! Drawing is the essential art form needed to go into any type of design work whether it be video games, cartoons, advertising, and more! Kids are encouraged to bring their own notebooks and pencils to class so they can also practice at home. While in class, they also have the opportunity to use the Copic Marker set here which is a very nice set of blending markers that professionals use! We will also occasionally do watercolor or use pastels.  $15

Artism: This class is a lot like the "Drawing Plus" class but is geared toward each child's learning methods. We adapt the material we use (only markers for some, only pencils for others!) and encourage the kids slowly in a subject they enjoy!  $20

Drawing and Painting: We know there are some that have a passion for painting (such as myself!) It is a wonderful way to express yourself in color! In these classes, we will typically start out with a short drawing lesson pertaining to something they want to paint. Then we will spend the remainder of the class on the start of a painting. The next class we would aim to continue working on or finish the painting. We will also cover a variety of mediums so that they can be exposed to all the wonderful ways to paint!   $20

Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist Pablo Picasso