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Urban Dance



                                                                                              1 Hour Open Classes                                                     $15.00

                                                                                               Solos                                                                            $350.00

                                                                                               Private Lessons                                                             $30

                                                                                               Student Discounts (college)                                             $25

                                                                                               Unlimited Monthly Packages                                            $100

                                                                                                5 class package ($15 savings)                                          $60


From personal goals to a life long dancer, The Urban Dance Studio offers various styles of dance for a diverse community. Classes are based off of each dancer’s goals with emphasis based catering to the needs of the individual. From the novice to the advanced, all skill levels are welcomed in an environment free of opinions and full of inspirations.

Urban Dance. We’re full of it! Come get some!


Hannah Hafely, director and founder of Urban Dance, was born and raised in Houston Texas. She submerged herself into the arts starting at a young age when she began dancing at the age of 3. What started as a hobby, quickly grew into a passion that could not be ignored. Hannah was homeschooled throughout grade school, which gave her a great deal of time to train and focus on dancing. Her freshman year of high school, Hannah auditioned for the Houston Met Too Youth Company, the junior company under the Houston Met. She danced with the Met and trained in ballet, tap, jazz, as well as many other styles of dance. It was here that her love for dance truly flourished and she began thinking about a career in the art world more seriously.

Hannah gained numerous performance opportunities while working with the Met and was able to further her training tremendously. After four years with the Met, Hannah graduated high school and began her higher education at the University of St. Thomas, specializing in International Studies and philosophy. While attending St. Thomas, she auditioned for Frame Dance Company and gained the position of apprentice. Hannah danced with the company for one semester and later continued to dance with the Met and frequently took classes at Sound box studios. Hannah did not know where her love of dance would take her, but she knew it would take her somewhere. With Urban Dance, Hannah hopes to offer a place for the community to share in their love for dance.

Urban Dance is a judgment free environment that will allow participants to exist whole-heartedly in the realm of this spectacular art. It serves as a place where people can express themselves and let go. Whether they be professionals or beginners, everyone is welcome.